Attic Gator

Attic Access Insulation Cover

Attic Gator is the simple solution to stop drafts from the attic, boost household energy-efficiency, and increase indoor comfort. Durable and easy to install, the Attic Gator takes minutes to install and holds up against tears from your attic stairs and door.

Comes in Three Sizes

Fits attic doors and scuttle holes

The Attic Gator attic access cover is the simple solution to insulating an attic hatch, door, or access.

This quick installation will get rid of unwanted drafts from your attic and decrease infestation while maintaining access to your attic. Not only that, but the Attic Gator allows homeowners to increase their whole-home energy efficiency and save money on their monthly energy bills. It’s reliable too — the Attic Gator is built to last, so tearing will never be an issue!

The Attic Gator comes in three different sizes and fits most attic accesses and scuttle holes. With an average installation of just 15 minutes, this insulation and sealing solution is one of the easiest ways to improve a home’s health. Plus, after installation, getting into your attic is as simple as unzipping the Gator.

  • Quick Installation

  • Durable

  • Stops Drafts

  • Energy Efficient