Attics and More Renews Membership with Energy Efficiency Alliance of New Jersey  

Attics and More continues its advocacy for energy-efficient legislation by renewing its membership with the Energy Efficiency Alliance of New Jersey (EEA-NJ). 


Attics and More Renews Membership with Energy Efficiency Alliance of New Jersey

Haddon Township, NJ – (January 25, 2021) Attics and More, an accredited residential insulation, ventilation and home improvement company operating in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware, has renewed its membership with the Energy Efficiency Alliance of New Jersey (EEA-NJ)

Through its EEA-NJ membership, Attics and More will continue to advocate for energy efficiency legislation, regulations, and policies in New Jersey. Attics and More will leverage the abundant resources provided through EEA-NJ to further establish themselves as ambassadors for long-term, transformative clean energy solutions in the home improvement industry.

“We are excited to progress into 2021 alongside EEA-NJ as leading energy-efficiency advocates in our state,” Michele DuCoin, President of Attics and More, said. “New Jersey deserves clean energy solutions, and our residents and homeowners deserve the tools to make their homes as energy efficient as possible. In that goal, our partnership with EEA-NJ is a natural fit.” 

The EEA-NJ is the state of New Jersey’s trade association for the energy efficiency industry. EEA-NJ comprises seventy-five companies, ranging from small local firms to large multinational corporations. They engage members and key policymakers in support of an industry that accounted for nearly 38,000 New Jersey jobs in 2019. The policies EEA-NJ promotes at the state and local level expand the market for energy efficiency and help keep clean energy solutions as a focal point for the future of New Jersey. 

The membership renewal comes fast on the heels of operational growth from Attics and More, who recently opened its Pennsylvania office location in Reading. As Attics and More continues to expand throughout the Delaware Valley region, they will continue to promote energy efficient practices wherever they serve homeowners. 

“We provide energy-efficient products to homeowners because we seriously care about creating an energy-efficient future,” Ed DuCoin, CEO of Attics and More, said. “Our customers love knowing they work with someone who cares about the big picture. In the short term, we create cost savings for homeowners with our products, and in the long term EEA-NJ helps build a better society that promotes energy efficiency. In the end, we all benefit, and that’s what is most important.”

In 2020, EEA-NJ and its 75 members achieved several landmark accomplishments in their fight for a more energy-efficient future. These accomplishments include the passing of a first-of-its-kind Energy Equity bill  in New Jersey, a $1 billion investment  in New Jersey’s utility-run energy efficiency programs one year after their founding , the defeat of an industrial opt-out bill  in Pennsylvania, and the assurance of no anti-efficiency bills passing in the state legislatures, among many more achievements.

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