How to Get Rid of Birds in Attic For Good Without Killing Them

How to Get Rid of Birds in Attic

Getting rid of birds in the attic can be a real challenge. If you’re like most homeowners, you probably don’t enjoy having birds in your attic. They can be noisy and messy, and they can also damage your home by causing leaks or insulation damage.

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Millions of homeowners deal with this kind of issue every year. While some people may resort to killing the birds, it is important to know that there are other more humane options and solutions available for keeping them out permanently.

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Why Birds Love Attics

Why Birds Love Attics

Birds love attics because it is the perfect place for them to create their nests.

They are closed off and dry, and they have all possible protection from predators. Birds also find lots of nooks where they can hide within the attic space. This makes it a safe place for them to make their homes away from wild animals that could attack them.

Attics are also full of food for them to eat. There is a great source of bugs and insects that live within the attic space, as well as plenty of scraps from any building materials or insulation that may be in that area. They will not have to travel far from their nests in order to find what they need.

Signs of Birds in the Attic

Signs of Birds in the Attic

Birds are fairly easy to identify and spot. If birds are entering your attic, you can tell by their constant chirping.

Birds are also untidy, leaving behind nesting materials and copious amounts of droppings. They can also produce noises while walking and scratching about in the attic. A chirping noise in the attic is generally enough to indicate that birds have infiltrated your home.

You should avoid accessing the attic, however, because any contact with bird droppings and nesting materials is hazardous to human health. Although you can search the attic quickly for live birds, feathers, nesting materials, and droppings, keep your exposure to the area to a minimum. Bird dropping spores can be inhaled, and certain infectious diseases can be transferred.

What do birds in the attic sound like?

When you hear birds in the attic, it can sound like a variety of different noises. Some sounds may be repetitive or chirpy, while others may be warbling and high-pitched. You may also hear the occasional loud squawk, which could indicate that the birds are alarmed or stressed.

Additionally, if there is more than one bird in the attic, you may be able to hear them making a variety of calls to each other as they fly around and explore their new environment. Overall, the sounds of birds in the attic can vary widely depending on what type of bird is present, so you should always try to get an expert opinion to determine exactly what species you are dealing with.

What Kind of Birds Nest in Attics?

Depending on where you live, the kind of birds that create a nest in your attic will vary. The most common birds to nest in attics, however, are pigeons, sparrows, starlings, finches, and swallows. You can identify most of these with a quick Google search. If you live in the countryside, you may even find an owl in your attic!

Most of these birds are protected under the Migratory Bird Treaty Act. This means that killing or capturing them is illegal without a United States Fish and Wildlife Service permit. Thankfully, however, you can take steps to get rid of these birds without harming them. It is important above all to be patient and persistent when dealing with these creatures.

How to Get Rid of Birds in the Attic

How to Get Rid of Birds Without Killing Them

No matter how much you enjoy hearing birds sing and chirp, there comes the point when they become pests. You may struggle with how to get rid of birds without harming them, but there are things you can use to get done with this issue.

Humane Bird Traps

CHENGYIDA One-piece Trap

It is easy to set up and use, and it can be placed almost anywhere. The trap is made of durable plastic and metal, and it comes with a built-in bait station. After use in the attic, you can even leave it outside without worrying about it getting damaged by the elements.

Bird B Gone Two-Chamber Trap

This is a humane way to remove unwanted birds from your property. The trap works by attracting the bird inside with bait and then trapping it in both chambers.

​Tomahawk Double Door Rigid Trap​

This is perfect for catching pesky birds. The rigid wire frame ensures that the trap stays open, while the two doors make it easy to get the bird in and out. The sturdy construction means that you can use this trap over and over again.

How to Prevent Birds From Entering Your Attic

How to Prevent Birds From Entering Your Attic

Once you have gotten rid of the birds from your attic, you will want to keep them away permanently. There are good ways to do it so you don’t have to worry about them coming back.

  • Place a decoy: Placing a decoy can be a way of preventing birds from entering your attic. This site will deter them from going into your house.
  • Install a wire mesh: Put a wire mesh on your attic’s opening to prevent birds from entering in the first place. It should be around one inch.
  • Utilizes audio alarm: These alarms emit sounds that scare the birds and will make them go elsewhere and can be used to keep them away.
  • Bird control barriers: Installing bird control barriers is a great way to keep the birds away, so they don’t come back again in the future.
  • Bird removal specialist: These experts know how to keep the birds away and will make sure that they don’t come back again in the future.


There are many ways that you can get rid of birds in your attic without having to use any kind of lethal weapon or poison. With the help of the above tips and products you can remove birds safely and prevent them from returning in the future.

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