The team at Attics and More doesn’t need a crystal ball to know it’s cold inside too. One of the benefits of having so much customer contact is the ability to learn in real-time what’s happening in our prospective clients’ homes. The main complaints are cold spots in the house, especially on the second floor […]

Do you feel like your home just isn’t keeping in the warm air as well as it used to? Does it seem like cool air is easily escaping from your house? This might be because of your attic insulation aging and losing its effectiveness. Furthermore, degrading insulation might tip you off to other hazardous substances […]

How to Remove Hot Air From an Attic

Every summer feels like it’s hotter than the last. Homeowners are constantly trying to find a balance between keeping their house cool while saving money on energy bills. What many don’t realize is that one of the most prominent sources of stifling indoor heat is the attic. Hot air often collects in the uppermost area […]

Attic Insulation in Utah - Everything You Need to Know

Installing attic insulation is an incredibly effective way to make your home more energy-efficient and save money on utility bills. However, there are lots of things to consider when applying insulation into your home attic. Whether it’s figuring out how much material you should purchase, or finding the right contractor for the job, there’s a […]

How to Insulate an Attic Hatch

Installing proper insulation in your attic prevents cold air from entering your home and keeps all the warm air inside it. This helps you save big on your energy bills. But there’s an element to attic insulation that many homeowners forget – the attic hatch. Although you use it to enter your attic, the hatch […]