Eco-tech-based companies aim to help homeowners conserve energy, save money, and live comfortably. CLEMENTON, NJ, Oct. 28, 2022 –– Stefan Schulz, one of the senior editors of Attics and More, a leading eco-technology company, has teamed up with Budget Dumpster writer Andrea Axsom to teach customers how to insulate their attic properly. The companies are collaborating […]

Attic ladders have recently become a popular home improvement item, offering homeowners added convenience and a way to access extra storage space.  However, there is debate on whether attic ladders increase a home’s value. In this article, we’ll explore the answer to this question and provide context to help homeowners decide whether to install an […]

Attic Fans and Ice Dams

Winter weather can bring many problems for homeowners, including the dreaded ice dam. These masses of ice can cause damage to roofs, gutters, and even the interior of your home. While there are many misconceptions about preventing ice dams, one solution that should be considered is using an attic fan. In this article, we’ll explore […]

Attic Fan Installation Costs

Attic fans are used to reduce the air temperature in attic spaces. These fans extend your roof’s life and inhibit the circulation of moldy bacteria-infected air throughout your home. Inadequate ventilation can lead to a buildup of heat and moisture in your attic, leading to higher operating costs and a toll on your roof.  Installing […]

Attic Fan Temperature Settings

Attic fans are a great way to keep your home comfortable and energy-efficient, but to maximize their potential, you need to pay attention to the temperature settings. The thermostat on your attic fan plays a crucial role in controlling the temperature in your attic and ensuring that your fan works as effectively as possible. By […]