Reflective Attic Insulation Install Under Roof

Reflective insulation has emerged over the years as a versatile option for keeping homeowners’ electricity bills down by making their houses more energy-efficient. It’s become extremely useful in attics during the summer months due to its ability to reflect the sun’s radiant heat back outside instead of letting the attic insulation absorb it and make […]


If you did not have the opportunity to see or purchase one of our amazing solar fans over the summer, now is not the time to exclude these marvels from your budget. They are effective in both summer and winter. Your attic needs to breathe. In the summer, the fans move the air from sun-up […]

House for Sale

As the housing market begins to recover from the COVID-fueled downturn, many people are just settling into a new house or are seriously considering putting the ole homestead on the market.   According to “Buyers are still out shopping for homes, which suggests they think [the recession] is a temporary blip,” said Chief Economist Danielle […]

Most homeowners never consider what kind of chemicals are literally over their heads. And by chemicals, we mean attic insulation material. There’s a myriad of choices when it comes to insulation. What most customers don’t know, however, is that several types of insulation may contain hazardous material that can fuel long-term health problems. For the […]

Mold in Attic

There are few places in the home that attract mold easier than the attic. They often have the perfect conditions for mold growth – hot or humid air, and an abundance of wood sheathing just waiting to grow mold. Furthermore, homeowners rarely check the attic and find themselves with a mold problem that they don’t […]