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Why Attic Fans Are Important During Delaware Valley Winters

Written by Michele DuCoin and Samantha Brumbaugh Many homeowners install attic fans in the summer because they are designed to vent out accumulated hot air in the attic. However, too few homeowners know that attic fans have year-round value. In the wintertime, the role of an attic fan is reversed — this is arguably the […]

How Safe Is Your Attic Insulation?

You may feel good about knowing your attic is insulated, but do you know the kind of insulation you have? If you don’t, you may have a silent monster invading your home and affecting the safety and health of your family. Let’s take a look:

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Increased Energy Efficiency Infographic

Most households value energy efficiency, but few describe their homes as energy efficient.

Energy Efficiency Products Favored Among Smart Tech

Consumers are skeptical about installing smart tech devices in their home, but energy efficiency products surprisingly are not among the ones in question.