Blown In Attic Insulation

Attic insulation is key to controlling your home temperature throughout the year. Heat naturally collects in your attic, making your house cooler or hotter depending on the season. Blown-in insulation is one of the most effective ways to insulate your attic. In this article, we’ll discuss blown-in attic insulation, its pros and cons, and the […]

What Makes an Energy Efficient Attic?

9 out of 10 homes in the United States are under-insulated and therefore not energy-efficient. Many homes need to apply proper insulation, air sealing, and ventilation, especially in the attic. But why the attic? How can insulation, air sealing, and ventilation improve energy efficiency? In this article, we’ll look at those methods – air sealing, […]

Attic Insulation in Colorado - Everything You Need to Know

If you’re a homeowner in Colorado, you know that the state’s weather can be unpredictable and extreme. To keep your home comfortable and energy-efficient year-round, it’s essential to have the proper insulation in your attic. Attic insulation helps regulate indoor temperatures, reduce energy waste, and lower utility bills. However, selecting the right type of insulation […]

Attics and More continues its advocacy for energy-efficient legislation by renewing its membership with the Energy Efficiency Alliance of New Jersey (EEA-NJ).    Attics and More Renews Membership with Energy Efficiency Alliance of New Jersey Haddon Township, NJ – (January 25, 2021) Attics and More, an accredited residential insulation, ventilation and home improvement company operating […]

Attic Insulation in Texas - Everything You Need to Know

Effective attic insulation is vital for Texas homes to maintain energy efficiency and comfort. Insulating your attic can help regulate the temperature, reduce energy waste, and even lower utility bills. In Texas, homeowners must consider various factors when adding or upgrading attic insulation. This can include the best insulation materials for the climate zone, regulations […]