Mold is one of the most damaging substances to homes and businesses alike. It can cause respiratory problems, allergies, asthma attacks, headaches, heart disease, and other conditions. Mold infestations typically occur when moisture levels are high in an area for a long period of time. This article will discuss the Best Mold Removal Products that you can use to get rid of mold in your home.

Are you looking for a way to fight against the growth of mold in your home?

Mold removal products are available to help homeowners fight against the growth and effects of mold within their homes. Homeowners should use these products as soon as they notice any signs of an infestation or invasion, such as water damage or musty odors. These products can be used on all surfaces affected by mold, including drywall, wood paneling, carpeting, and tile grout. They’re also safe for people with allergies and asthma.

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You don’t have to live with the discomfort that comes from living in a house filled with toxic spores! With many mold removal solutions at your disposal, you can get rid of those nasty molds once and for all.

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5 Best Mold Removal Products

RMR-86 Instant Mold and Mildew Stain Remover Spray

RMR-86 Mold Remover

One of the best mold removal products is RMR-86 Instant Mold and Mildew Stain Remover Spray. This product works instantly to remove mold, mildew stains, dirt, grime & more!

Get rid of stubborn mold and mildew stains: this instant spray cleaner removes the stains left behind from black mold, urine smell in carpeting (yes it can happen!), as well as other unpleasant odors. Keep your home free of musty damp smells that are usually caused by these pesky organisms!

The fast-acting formula targets deeply embedded dirt quickly so you don’t have to scrub too hard at removing them–simply give it a few minutes before wiping off any excess moisture with paper towels or cloths; then simply rinse away completely under warm running water afterward for an all-around cleanliness boost without tedious work on hand sanitizer soap dishes/dishcloths etc.

For Best Results: Use RMR-86 Instant Mold and Mildew Stain Remover Spray on any nonporous surfaces including glass tile metal plastic porcelain chrome ceramic fiberglass acrylic concrete bricks & stucco. Best to test an inconspicuous area first before using on fabric or upholstery.

Read our full RMR-86 Mold Remover Review

Tilex Mold & Mildew Remover 16 Fl Oz

Best Mold Removal Products - Tilex

What’s the only way to get rid of mold and mildew? With Clorox Regular Mold & Mildew Formula bleach, that’s what! This powerful cleaner delivers a clean by killing 99%+ household molds. Plus it eliminates stains before your eyes so you can have spotless surfaces all around for years without scrubbing- just one quick application is enough (and no gloves required!).

The best part about this product: It contains no harsh chemicals like baking soda or sodium hypochlorite which can irritate the skin in some cases–so there will be fewer hassles during the cleanup time too!

Concrobium Mold Control Household Cleaners

Best Mold Removal Products - Concrobium

This Mold Control Jug from Concrobium will keep your home free of pesky, musty odors thanks to an EPA-registered formula that crushes the little green monsters as they crawl across surfaces like tile or stone!

Just apply this cleaning solution using this method:

  • spray away with a garden mist bottle if time allows because these mists penetrate deeply into cracks/crevices where water tends to accumulate before drying out again later on during sunshine hours
  • use cloths over large areas such as walls but don’t scrub anything since our cleaners come without harsh chemicals which could damage paint or other household surfaces
  • spray it directly into your drain to get rid of foul odors at the source.

You can use Concrobium Mold Control Household Cleaners anywhere in the home without worrying about damaging sensitive materials like wood fabrics/carpet fibers tile grout & more—just remember that if you see some mold starting to grow back again after a few days, you should reapply the cleaner to take care of it. It’s that easy!

With Controbium’s Mold Control kit, homeowners can enjoy peace of mind knowing they have everything needed for mold control in one convenient package.

Professional Disinfecting Mildew, Virus & Mold Killer – Cleans & Deodorizes, Lemon Scent

Best Mold Removal Products - Lemocide

Looking for a commercial-grade disinfectant that can kill mold, mildew, and viruses? This highly concentrated liquid has the power to provide effective cleaning as well. It utilizes phosphate-free formula so you don’t have to worry about having an eco-friendly product on hand!

Use it in hard surfaces such as granite countertops or stainless steel appliances without worrying about stains from makeup removers because this stuff gets rid of bacteria with ease – it’ll even deodorize areas where keeping fresh smells is difficult like your refrigerator door handle by giving off just enough lemon scent every day while working away at killing all those nasty microbes lurking around waiting (and reproducing) inside them.

This product has an effective cleaning formula against bacteria as well viruses such that it can be used in hospital settings or your home! It also leaves behind no residue so you never have to worry about damage from harsh cleansers like bleach which is why we recommend our Lemon Scented Cleaner when dealing with tough messes on porcelain toilets but not necessarily other bathroom fixtures

The lemon scent provides both hygiene benefits (ease respiration) by masking unpleasant odors, as well as being an effective air freshener.

Mold Armor Cleaner

Best Mold Removal Products - Mold Armor

The Mold Armor E-Z House Wash cleans exterior surfaces with no scrubbing. It effectively removes stains caused by dirt, mold, and mildew that are too tough for other wash products to handle on their own! The formula is 2X stronger than other hose ends to kill these stubborn messes; plus it delivers just enough sprayers power to reach those hard-toilet places you wouldn’t even think about climbing up a ladder or bucket to get at himself without worrying about falling off the side of scaffolding while trying so very badly not fall, victim, themselves.

Mold Armor Cleaner can also kill algae and moss! This means homeowners don’t have to strip off these organic growths before reapplying their favorite color of paint (if they want to). Best of all, this cleaner is non-toxic and biodegradable

To use Mold Armor Cleaner on your lawn or garden, simply spray it directly onto the leaves; it’ll kill any mold spores that may be growing on them within hours! Be sure not to apply too much water pressure while doing this because it could damage your plants – just a fine mist is all you need to get the job done.


If you are looking for a 100% safe and effective way to remove mold from your home or office, the products listed in this article may be of use. They have been tested by professionals who specialize in mold removal.

Remember that it is always best to contact an expert before using any product yourself because there might be something on the surface that could damage your property further, which would void the warranty. Do not hesitate to call us today if you need help identifying what type of mold infestation you have so we can provide solutions tailored specifically for it!

While pests and inclement weather might produce significant threats to a home, few things compare to the quiet, yet very real damage caused by mold. Once mold begins to develop, it affixes itself to surfaces and quickly spreads to a multitude of locations, not to mention the well-documented negative impact mold has on our respiratory health.

Even when mold is removed, it leaves its mark behind in the form of stains, and those can be a pain to clear. Luckily, some mold removal products promise to perform exactly this type of removal. One of the better-known industry products for this purpose is RMR-86. But, does it actually stand up to the task? We will review how well RMR-86 stands up to its mold remover claims here.

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RMR-86 Mold Remover Overview

What Is RMR-86?

RMR-86 Mold Remover

To fully remove mold stains, a lot of scrubbing, wire-brushing, and sand-blasting is required. Since none of those are particularly enjoyable activities, restoration specialists began looking for a solution that was more simple and practical, yet still tough enough to get the job done fully.

This led to the development of the RMR-86 Mold Remover product, a bleached-based formula, which claims to kill mold on contact and lifts the stains right before the user’s eyes. If directions are correctly followed, the product is intended to work on 200 to 400 feet per gallon.

Safe Surfaces Of Application

The product is suitable for spraying to remove mold from most surfaces, though it is recommended to test a small area first, rather than cover everything without proving the efficacy. Assuming proper ventilation, RMR-86 works on both interior and exterior surfaces in your home including wood, vinyl, concrete, drywall, and tile. After applying RMR-86 to a small area, it is recommended that you wait 24 hours to confirm that the mold and any staying has been effectively removed. If successful, it can be applied to a wider area.

How Fast Does RMR-86 Work?

The product claims that it will remove the stain within 15 seconds. Testing has confirmed that to be a relatively accurate claim. The small area that we applied the product to, cleared up within about that relative time range.

How Does RMR-86 Work?

Sodium hypochlorite is proven to be effective at killing mold, so its basis in RMR-86 allows it to readily kill mold and remove any staining. However, it is important to remember that while it will kill and remove the mold it isn’t a mold inhibitor, so spraying an area will not make that area resistant to mold growth, an important fact to be aware of for users. It will, however, provide a great short-term, low-effort solution for lifting mold and stain removal from surfaces. This is especially helpful for surfaces where mold is common like boat decks and skylights.

RMR-86 Mold Remover Review

Using RMR-86

The application of RMR-86 couldn’t be more simple. You simply use a spray bottle to cover a particular problem surface. There is no diluting or mixing prep-work involved. The product is, however, highly toxic, so before applying, it is important to prepare yourself, as well as the space you will be working with.

For your person, you will require protective gear and gloves. You should also seek another solution if you are planning on spraying in a poorly ventilated area because you will not be able to escape inhaling the toxic fumes.

Another concern is RMR-86’s storage. The bottle should be stored in a safe place, away from people and pets, and be tightly sealed in order to avoid leaks. It is recommended that it is checked on often, as it will eat through nearly any surface if left unattended with a leak for too long.

The Benefits Of RMR-86

Typical mold removal methods include sanding, icing, and wire-brushing. One thing all of those methods have in common is that they are labor-intensive and not the type of work anyone would willingly choose to perform. That is before mentioning that all of those methods rip and tear at the surface.

RMR-86 provides a simple and fast solution to the problem of mold on most surfaces. If you are getting ready to paint, spraying a surface to clear it of the mold with RMR-86 can leave you with a nice, clean surface to work with. After being applied and allowed to take effect, the spray can simply be wiped off, without the sprayed surface incurring any scratches, scrapes, or gouges.

Additionally, since mold-infested areas emit a highly unpleasant scent, a bleach-based product like RMR-86 helps treat not just the appearance of a surface, but also effectively neutralize its smell. That’s like treating two problems with one solution!

The Downsides of RMR-86

As noted earlier, RMR-86 is highly toxic. You cannot simply spray it on like most other household cleaners and walk away. You certainly want to avoid inhaling the fumes, so you need to wear a mask, protect your eyes with goggles, and wear gloves to avoid it settling on your skin.

As this is an industrial-strength product, its potency is high, but so is its ability to cause damage to surfaces if left on them for too long. In fact, RMR-86 left on a surface for any significant period of time will result in it eating through that surface.

To avoid the hassle of storing, monitoring, and maintaining it, we recommend buying a small bottle, using it up entirely when you perform your mold-cleaning job, and getting rid of it after. It will certainly prove to be a hassle if stored in your home for too long, so it’s best to use it up and get rid of the bottle quickly. It is not a typical household cleaner, so it’s best to take precautions.


  • Works on interior and exterior surfaces
  • Just spay application, no scrubbing involved
  • Acts and dries quickly
  • Effective at removing both stains and mold odors
  • Cost-effective (as much as a gallon costs under $50)
  • A great option for preparing a surface for paint


  • Will not keep mold from growing back in a problem area
  • Strong toxic fumes and corrosive nature require significant gearing up for the application
  • Noxious smell
  • Difficult to store and will eat through surfaces if it leaks on them

Who Should Use RMR-86

  • Anyone dealing with persistent mold spots can use the product to remove them and clear the area that is frequently subjected to moisture.
  • Anyone who is seeking a simpler solution than hours of scrubbing
  • Painters looking to remove mold from a surface before painting it

Who Should Not Use RMR-86

  • Anyone who underestimates the product’s toxic risks
  • Those who do not have a proper way to store the product after use
  • Those trying to keep particular areas cleared of mold after the removal of mold stains


RMR-86 is an effective product if you are willing to follow the precise guidelines of its application and understand the toxic risks. It is important to approach this product’s use with caution including being geared up during its application, not inhaling the fumes, and, if not done with the entire bottle after one use, monitoring it in storage to keep it from harming any surfaces or anyone who may be in its storage’s vicinity.

If your home has an attic, you might be surprised to learn that it can have a significant impact on your HVAC system. Many attics accumulate heat in the summer and moisture in the winter. Both extremes can force your HVAC unit to work harder.

Thankfully, there’s a solution to this problem: a solar-powered attic fan. An attic fan will help circulate air in your attic to prevent heat build-up. However, the vast array of solar attic fans on the market can make it challenging to choose the right one for your home.

U.S. Sunlight is one of the best solar attic fans available, but is it the right one for you? In this U.S. Sunlight solar attic fan review, we’ll take a closer look at their most popular model, the 25-watt roof-mount solar attic fan. U.S. Sunlight also offers a smaller 10-watt roof-top fan and a 25-watt gable-mount option.

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U.S. Sunlight Solar Attic Fan Overview

What Is a U.S Sunlight Solar Attic Fan?

Best Solar Attic Fan - US Sunlight

As the name suggests, the U.S Solar Attic Fan uses solar energy to function, which saves energy. Additionally, the solar fan only runs when you need it. Drawing energy from the sun, it runs at its best on hot days where your attic temperature is likely to be higher.

This model is roof-mounted and needs to be placed in a location with maximum sun exposure. It’s adequate for up to 2,600 square feet of attic space, making it powerful enough for most single-family homes.

U.S. Sunlight’s Solar Attic Fans Features

The U.S. Sunlight brand makes their fans in China. Each fan includes a low-profile, galvanized steel protective dome housing, three rust-resistant blades, and a 38-volt motor.  Other features that come with the solar fan include:

Heavy-duty Construction

This fan features a heavy-duty ABS fan cover that protects the blades and motor from debris and inclement weather, while the commercial-grade solar panel is built to withstand even the most extreme conditions. It is wind-, hail-, and corrosion-resistant.

Auto-tilt Maximizes Sun Exposure

As the sun moves throughout the day, the solar panel tilts and rotates, maximizing sun exposure and so power production, allowing the fan to run longer and stronger.

Powerful 38-Volt Motor

The U.S. Sunlight solar attic fan is 25% more powerful than most attic fans on the market, allowing for superior cooling even in large spaces.

Easy Installation

As no electrical hook-up is required, this solar attic fan is relatively easy to install. The entire process takes less than an hour and only requires basic hand tools.

All-in-One Package

U.S. Sunlight solar attic fans come ready to install and don’t require any additional parts, such as a solar controller. However, if you wish, you can add a solar controller for night-time use.

Technical Specifications

  • Wattage: 25W
  • Venting Capacity: 1,820 CFM (2,600 square feet of attic space)
  • Assembled Dimensions: 24″ x 12″ x 24″
  • Motor Voltage: 38 volts
  • Number of blades: 3
  • Material: 20-gauge steel
  • Warranty:
    • Motor: 5-year limited
    • Solar panel and housing: 20-year limited

Who Is This Product for?

The U.S Sunlight solar attic fan is ideal for anyone looking to save on heating and cooling costs without increasing their electric bill. In the summer, the fan will greatly reduce attic temperatures. High attic temperatures can increase cooling costs by as much as 43%!

In the winter, the fan will act to remove moisture, preventing common issues such as mold and mildew while ensuring your attic insulation isn’t damaged. Insulation moisture can lead to the need for premature replacement and increase heating costs.

U.S. Sunlight Solar Attic Fan Review

The U.S. Sunlight Solar Attic Fan is one of the least expensive models on the market and packs a powerful punch for the price. Its oversized 38-volt motor provides up to 25% more power than similarly priced solar options, and its commercial-grade solar panel tilts and swivels automatically to maximize power production. The result is a robust yet efficient solar fan that can effectively cool attics up to 2,600 square feet in size.

It’s also versatile, as it can be installed stand-alone or with a solar controller for night-time use. When installed without a solar controller, the unit will only run during the day. This option may be fine if night-time temperatures tend to be lower in your area and extreme temperature swings are uncommon.

If you add a solar controller, you can hard-wire your solar attic fan to your home’s electrical system. In which case, the fan will kick on for 8 minutes every half hour to keep your attic cool without significant energy use.

This option also comes with a generous limited warranty on the motor, solar panel, and housing and is eligible for the Federal Residential Energy Credit. You can claim 30% of your installation costs, including the cost of the solar fan itself and labor, should you work with an installer.

Pros: What We Like About the U.S. Sunlight Solar Attic Fan

  • The use of solar energy means that the fan is only on when it’s needed.
  • Renewable power is greener than other energy production methods, reducing your carbon footprint while still keeping your house cool.
  • It has a tilted solar panel that allows for maximum sun exposure.
  • Installation is easy as no electrical hook-up is required.
  • The solar panel is durable to ensure long-term attic cooling.
  • Installation increases the lifespan of your home and roof by 10%.
  • It comes with a 5-year-warranty on the motor and a 20-year warranty on solar panels and casing.

Cons: What We Don’t Like About the U.S. Sunlight Solar Attic Fan

  • The addition of the solar panel makes the U.S. Sunlight Solar Attic Fan more expensive than other models.
  • The solar fan can only go on shingled roofs.
  • Reliance on solar energy makes them slightly less powerful than typical attic ventilating fans.
  • While installation is more straightforward than other models, it still requires cutting a hole in your roof. Incorrectly installing it could create a leak.
  • The solar fan isn’t suitable for homes in cloudy regions.

U.S. Sunlight Solar Attic Fan Alternatives

If, for any reason, you don’t like this attic fan, you might want to consider the Remington solar-powered attic fan or Broan. These are two of the best U.S. Sunglight Solar Attic Fan alternatives.

Looking for more U.S. Sunlight alternatives? Check out our comparison post on the best solar powered attic fans.


Best Solar Attic Fan - Remington

Product Details:

  • Roof-Mounted
  • Available at Different Power Levels
  • 20 to 40 Watts
  • 1,280 to 2,340 CFM
  • Lifetime Warranty

Remington Solar Attic Fans are some of the best solar attic fans for keeping your attic cool. These roof-mounted solar fans come equipped with a thermostat and humidistat for precise temperature regulation. Based on this data, it can increase or decrease the fan speed automatically.

Remington Fans also have an adapter to switch back and forth from solar to electric power easily. The censor is automatic, so your fan will switch back to running on solar power as soon as it detects sunlight. Check out our detailed Remington Solar Attic Fan Review for more information.


Best Solar Attic Fan - Broan

Product Details:

  • Roof-Mounted
  • Plastic
  • 28 Watts
  • 537 CFM
  • 6-Year Warranty

The Broan-NuTone 345SOWW Surface Mount Attic Solar Fan is a good choice if you’re looking for something affordable. The basic materials keep the cost low, so you can get the ventilation system you need at the price you want.

Unfortunately, this model has a pretty low CFM compared to its competitors, so it won’t be as efficient. It also doesn’t come with a thermostat, humidistat, or any hybrid electric capabilities. For a small space, however, it should be an adequate solution in a pinch.

Final Thoughts

Overall, U.S. Sunlight’s solar attic fan is built tough and has suitable power for the average home. Installation is easy and comes with some customization options, such as wired or stand-alone power. As it falls on the lower end of the price scale, it’s an excellent option if you’re looking for a low-cost solution to maintain stable, cool attic temperatures.

We hope this U.S. Sunlight solar attic fan review helps you make an informed decision. Feel free to check out our other reviews if you’re still not sure this is the right fan for your home.

A solar attic fan is an eco-friendly way to cool your home in the summer. However, a wide selection of brands and models of this product are available on the market, making it challenging to choose the right one for your needs. If you’re shopping for the best solar-powered attic fan, consider Remington’s products.

In this Remington solar attic fan review, we explore the reasons that make this model the right one for your attic and your needs.

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Remington Solar Attic Fan Overview

What Is a Remington Solar Attic Fan?

Best Solar Attic Fan - Remington

This product is among the best quality attic fans to buy in 2021. This American-designed attic fan comes in three wattage options: 20 watts, 25 watts, and 30 watts. The size of your attic will determine the size of the fan to choose.

The 20-watt fan is ideal for an 1,800 square-foot attic, 25-watt for 2,000 square feet, and 30-watt for 2,500 square feet. This fan features a built-in humidistat, thermostat, and an adjustable panel. It has a durable, coated steel construction and a brushless DC motor.

Remington’s Solar Attic Fans Features

The Remington attic fan boasts a range of features that make it one of the best options to purchase today:

Robust Construction

If you’re looking for an attic fan that can stand the test of time, you can’t go wrong with Remington. It features heavy-duty, weather-resistant, powder-coated steel.

Brushless DC Motors

This attic fan has a Brushless DC motor for silent operation.

Humidistat & Thermostat

All Remington’s fans come equipped with thermostats and humidistats, meaning they can sense when the air in the attic gets too humid or hot and adjust accordingly, maximizing efficiency.

Hybrid Support

This feature ensures that your Remington Solar fan won’t stop when the sun’s intensity reduces. If the attic is above 80 degrees Fahrenheit after sunset, the Hybrid Power Adapter helps keep the fan running using your house power until the attic cools down. It’s worth noting that you’ll need to purchase the adapter separately.

These fans also have a Wildlife guard and are Texas Windstorm Certified. A Texas windstorm certificate (WPI8) is proof that your property meets the windstorm building codes in your area. You must provide this certificate to the Texas Windstorm Insurance Association before your property can receive coverage.

Technical Specifications

  • Wattage: 20W, 25W, 30W
  • Venting Capacity: 1,280 CFM, 1,600 CFM, 2,200 CFM Respectively
  • Assembled Dimensions: 18″ x 18″ x 12″
  • Motor Voltage: 24 volts
  • Number of blades: 4
  • Material: Powder-coated steel
  • Warranty: Lifetime limited warranty

Who Is This Product for?

Remington’s attic fans are ideal for homeowners looking to keep their homes cooler while reducing their electric bills. It’s also important to note that attic ventilation is an integral component of your home maintenance.

Therefore, besides reducing your attic temperature, which can damage your insulation and belongings stored in the attic, this fan also helps eliminate damage-causing moisture in the attic. You can also use it during the winter to help prevent ice damming.

Remington Solar Attic Fan Review

Overall, this unit is one of the top-rated models for several reasons. It is easy to install and works efficiently in virtually any environment. With the built-in thermostat and humidistat, this attic fan automatically regulates the fan speed depending on your attic’s needs, increasing its overall efficiency.

One feature that sets this attic fan from its competitors is the add-on 110-volt Hybrid Power Adapter that automatically switches the attic fan from solar power to electric power. This allows the fan to keep your attic cool, even in cloudy weather or at night. With this adapter, the device automatically switches to solar power when it senses sunlight – you don’t need to get into your attic to turn any switch on.

This attic fan is hail and weather-resistant, thanks to its powder-coated finish. The unit can work efficiently, even in the harshest weather. Another remarkable attribute of Remington attic fans is that they’re available in various wattages, so you can choose the best one for your attic’s needs.

This attic fan also has a lifetime warranty and is Texas Windstorm Certified, making it one of the most reliable and durable products on the market. What’s more, you can claim up to a 30% federal tax credit on this device.

Namely, solar products like this attic fan are eligible for the Federal Residential Energy Credit that offers homeowners a 30% credit for the cost incurred in equipment purchase and installation.

What if you find that this unit doesn’t meet your needs? In that case, you can take advantage of Remington’s 30-day money-back guarantee.

Pros: What We Like About Remington Solar Attic Fan

  • The product is made of high-quality materials.
  • It is relatively quiet, thanks to the brushless DC motor
  • It has a pre-installed thermostat and humidistat
  • It is user-friendly and allows for easy installation
  • It has a limited lifetime warranty
  • They have both tilt and non tilt options to maximize sun exposure
  • Gable mount option available

Cons: What We Don’t Like About Remington Solar Attic Fan

  • You have to purchase the hybrid power adapter separately
  • It is a little expensive than its competitors

Remington Solar Attic Fan Alternatives

If, for any reason, you don’t like this attic fan, you might want to consider the U.S. Sunlight Natural Light solar-powered attic fan or Broan. These are two of the best Remington Solar Attic Fan alternatives.

Looking for more Remington alternatives? Check out our comparison post on the best solar powered attic fans.

US Sunlight

Best Solar Attic Fan - US Sunlight

Product Details:

  • Roof-Mounted
  • Galvanized Steel
  • 25 Watts
  • Ventilates up to 2,600 Cubic Feet

The US Sunlight solar fan is another decent option. This roof-mounted model features a tilted solar panel to maximize sun exposure. It can ventilate a large area, which is undoubtedly a plus.

However, there are some drawbacks. US Sunlight solar fans only work for shingled roofs, so if your roof is slate, flat, or tile, this one isn’t for you. It also doesn’t have the hybrid electric capabilities of some of its competitors. But if you have a shingled roof, it’s not bad for the price.


Best Solar Attic Fan - Broan

Product Details:

  • Roof-Mounted
  • Plastic
  • 28 Watts
  • 537 CFM
  • 6-Year Warranty

The Broan-NuTone 345SOWW Surface Mount Attic Solar Fan is a good choice if you’re looking for something affordable. The basic materials keep the cost low, so you can get the ventilation system you need at the price you want.

Unfortunately, this model has a pretty low CFM compared to its competitors, so it won’t be as efficient. It also doesn’t come with a thermostat, humidistat, or any hybrid electric capabilities. For a small space, however, it should be an adequate solution in a pinch.

Final Thoughts

If you are shopping for the best solar-powered attic fan to cool your attic while keeping your utility bills low and saving the environment, you can’t go wrong with attic fans from Remington. This unit is available in three options suitable for different attic sizes. It features a built-in thermostat and humidistat and is easy to install. The Hybrid Power Adapter helps keep your fan running even when there’s no sunlight, but you’ll need to purchase the adapter separately. We hope this Remington solar attic fan review helps you make an informed buying decision.

Attic baffles, or rafter vents, are an essential part of keeping your home well-ventilated and reducing the moisture on top of your house. If you want a well-ventilated attic that doesn’t regularly grow mold for you to remove, you’ll want to make sure your home is properly aired out.

While there are many projects for your roof that professionals should handle, attic venting baffles can be installed by anyone. This makes it a perfect home improvement project for those who love caring for their home themselves.

What exactly are attic vents baffles, are they necessary, how do you install them, and which are the best for you to buy? We have all the answers to your questions right here in this attic insulation baffles guide. Read on!

What Are Attic Baffles?

What Are Attic Baffles

In short, attic baffles are chutes that provide a way for air to flow from exterior soffit vents up to your attic.

Attic insulation baffles can be made of a variety of materials including:

  • Cardboard
  • Foam
  • Plastic
  • PVC

The material is then attached to the top of your attic’s ceiling, below your roof. They serve as chutes to your home for air to move through.

Soffits and rafter air channels work hand in hand to keep air circulating on top of your home. The chutes work to channel airflow from attic soffit vents, and baffles move the air through the area’s space.

Attic insulation baffles will also help keep your home protected from condensation, water damage, and mold. There are many benefits to having the right insulation in your attic. Using attic insulation baffles will:

  • Keep your energy bills down
  • Aid proper insulation
  • Improve your home’s air quality

Attic insulation baffles will insulate from touching the roof deck, thereby stopping condensation from forming just below your roof, which can lead to damage. And with how expensive attic insulation is, you want to keep it safe!

Are Attic Baffles Necessary?

Are Attic Baffles Necessary

To have a properly airy and insulated roof, you’ll want to have attic vents baffles. So while not every home will have attic soffit vents and baffles, it may be a necessary part of keeping your home safe from mold, condensation, and costly repairs.

Additionally, if you have intake or attic soffit vents, baffles are required. If you have soffits but no rafter channels, it’s time to take on this little home improvement project!

Attic vent baffles also prevent clogging in your soffits. Vents can become clogged by insulation. Perhaps your home is well insulated. But if the insulation stops air from flowing, you could have a serious problem. Rafter air channels ensure a clear path where outside air can move under the roof, keeping the area aired out.

Check if your home has the proper insulation and ventilation. If it doesn’t, and you see condensation building or even mold, it’s time to install attic vents baffles.

Attic Soffit Vents & Baffles

Your soffit vents work hard to keep your air circulated. This keeps your home cool and safe from condensation and mold.

Everywhere that there is an air intake piece (soffit), cool air is being brought into your home. This is so that cooler air outside can replace the hotter air in attics. But if it isn’t channeled through space, it will sit stale inside until eventually becoming warm and pushed outside again.

Attic venting baffles channel the air from outside, continuing the circulation. This is what keeps your home cooler. So, while rafter air channels are not required between every rafter, they are necessary for each air intake piece. The general rule of thumb is one soffit intake and rafter air channel for every 150 square feet under the roof.

How to Install Attic Baffles

How to Install Attic Baffles

If your home is in need of circulation, we have a step-by-step guide on how to install attic baffles under your roof.

  1. Measure the space between rafters in order to get the right size for the rafter vents. The rafter air channels will need to be able to be installed between rafters and generally need at least 16 inches.
  2. Place metal, plastic, foam, or cardboard attic baffles between rafters. Ensure they are not touching the ceiling, as this is where the air will flow.
  3. Staple the attic ventilation baffles into place.
  4. Continue this process up the roof along with the same rafter space. This allows air to travel throughout the space. Make sure to overlap the attic ventilation baffles so that air doesn’t escape between each piece.
  5. Use spray foam where each baffle meets to stop air leaks.
  6. Continue this process until each air intake piece has been covered or every space in between rafters.

How Many Attic Baffles Do You Need?

How Many Attic Baffles Do You Need

The questions of how many attic baffles you need in your home will come down to several factors:

  1. The size of your roof
  2. How many soffits you have
  3. Personal preference

The simple answer is that for every vent you have, the space between rafters to cover every vent should be covered. Multiply that by how many baffles it takes to cover the space between rafters from the bottom to the top of the roof. This will depend on your roof’s size.

However, there is also a question of personal preference. Perhaps you may want to install additional vents in the future. Maybe you want to maximize how airy it is. In either case, the more attic ventilation baffles creating airflow, the better.

This is also recommended if the insulation on the floor reaches the eaves. If this is the case, attic ventilation baffles will ensure a well-ventilated space for your house.

Best Attic Baffles

Best Attic Baffles

Now you know all about rafter air channels and how to install attic baffles. However, the one still question remains: Which are the best attic vents baffles for your home?

As we’ve mentioned, attic ventilation baffles present many options from size to material. But these are our top three picks for you to discover. Select which will be the best fit for your roof!

SmartBaffle 16″ Insulation Baffle

Best Attic Baffles - SmartBaffle

With thick plastic that will guard against any blockage, this design can be used with just about any insulation, including fiberglass, loose-fill, and spray foam insulation. It is tough against air leaks and can even be cut to double up on protection.


  • Dimensions: 37.5” L × 1/8″ thick plastic, 16″ wide
  • Material: Plastic
  • Weight: 1.05 pounds


  • Have double bending routes for each edge of the rafters
  • Durable — won’t crush or break
  • Provides a 2″ air channel


  • Installation may be more difficult due to the plastic compared to cardboard or foam

Durovent With Baffle Vent Channel

Best Attic Baffles - Durovent

The Durovent design includes a ventilation system as well as baffles for perfectly aired-out roof space. The polystyrene construction will prevent blockage while also being moisture-resistant to further reduce condensation. It is easy to install, and it keeps your home cool!


  • ‎Dimensions: 24″ W × 46″ D × 2″ H
  • Weight: 2.29 pounds
  • Material: Foam material


  • Lightweight
  • Moisture-resistant
  • Easy installation with staples


  • More expensive than plastic channels

24″ SmartBaffle

Best Attic Baffles - SmartBaffle 24"

Love the SmartBaffle design, but want something bigger for your larger rafters? Then this is the perfect product for you as it offers the same great design but larger to accommodate even more airflow. Keep insulation away from your soffit intakes and where it belongs.


  • Dimensions: 37.5” L × 1/8″ thick plastic, 24″ wide
  • Material: Plastic
  • Weight: 1.2 pounds


  • Adheres well to spray foam
  • Works with a variety of insulation materials


  • Ensure your rafters are at least 24″ apart, as these cannot be customized to a different size

Conclusion — The Importance of Attic Baffles

You may not often visit the top of your house, but it’s an important part of your home. A well-insulated space under your roof will protect you from the elements, while a well-ventilated one will prevent water damage and keep your home cool.

Attic vents baffles allow you to have all the insulation you need without sacrificing ventilation. So if your home is feeling the heat or starting to show signs of condensation, it’s time to get the attic baffles your home needs!