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To our customers & prospective customers:

Like so many of you, we have invested time learning about the COVID-19 and its impact on our world. For Attics and More, that means understanding how it affects our customers, prospective customers, and employees, and then making the necessary adjustments to our operations due to the pandemic and legislative changes from day-today.

Attics and More has a straightforward objective: keeping you and our employees safe. With that in mind, we have made appropriate changes in our business operations in response to the COVID-19.

Daily wellness checks. We will record each employee’s temperature every day and ensure he or she is feeling well. All employees will be equipped with fresh masks, gloves, booties, and disinfectants. Our representatives will communicate this during confirmation calls and upon arrival to your home.

Limit exposure. Additionally, all employees will limit contact (no more hello-handshakes even with gloves), and we will diligently use hand sanitizer. Sanitizing wipes will be provided upon entry to your home. Throughout the install and inspection process, sanitizers will be reapplied. Until further notice, we remain committed to appointments and our schedule.

Inspections will take place in the attic and/or crawlspace, and the discussions that follow may take place outdoors if that is the customer’s preference. We will make great efforts to minimize the time spent in the home.

Installations will occur only in those areas where work is necessary, and our installation professionals will be suited up appropriately for the job.

Please know that we will never send a team member to a meeting if they feel sick and/or have a fever (employees’ temperatures will be taken before arrival and at the client’s home). We are committed to enhancing our already clean in-home policy. Our three-prong approach when dealing with our customers is HOME, HEALTH, SAFETY. Those focal points never stray from our company culture, COVID-19, or not.

We will continue to closely monitor the situation and do all we can to protect you and our employees.

Warmest regards,

Lisa Hudson

Attics and More