Do Attic Fans Prevent Mold?

Do Attic Fans Prevent Mold?

Your attic is an often overlooked but surprisingly important part of your house when it comes to the overall climate and comfort of your home.

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Since this area is the key to temperature regulation in your house, there are a few simple tools that folks like to use to make the most of this. One appliance that many homeowners use to keep their home cool and ventilated is an attic fan.

But aside from the obvious cooling effects of an attic fan, are there any other benefits that this appliance has to offer? Can an attic fan prevent mold?

Let’s take a look and see, do attic fans prevent mold?

So, Do They?

The short answer is yes. 

By installing and using your attic fan at different times of the year, you can effectively prevent moisture from building up and thus prevent mold accumulation. 

How Attic Fans Help Prevent Mold

The key to an attic fan’s success in preventing mold comes down to the ventilation and circulation that it creates.

Stagnant, damp air has a tendency to stick around in spaces, clinging to soft materials (like plywood, insulation, cardboard boxes, etc) that are often found in your attic. When these materials collect moisture for a while, mold inevitably grows.

By moving dry air into and through your attic from outside, that moisture that would otherwise accumulate in your attic is dispersed and dried out, preventing things like dangerous mold and rot.

Surprisingly, the most important time to run your attic fan to prevent mold is in the winter.

When the weather gets cold and wet, you’re more likely to lock your house up tight, closing windows to keep the hot air in. For your attic, that means moisture gets trapped.

By running your attic fan during the winter, you draw in the dry winter air, breaking up any ice and mold.

Do attic fans remove mold?

As amazing as attic fans are at preventing mold, it’s important to note that attic fans DO NOT remove mold from your attic.

If there has already been too much moisture in your attic that has caused mold to grow and collect, you will need to hire a professional to get rid of the existing mold. But once it’s gone, your attic fan can get to work preventing any new mold.


Mold is a common problem in the damp, cramped space that is the attic. Using an attic fan to prevent mold is an easy way to keep your home safer and more comfortable.