Flip the Bird

There’s only one thing that you can do if you’re a homeowner and you walk up to your attic and see this kind of mess. And that’s “flip the bird”.

We went out for one of our routine attic inspections in LeisureTowne of Southampton, New Jersey. Now we’re accustomed to seeing some pretty crazy things in attics: exposed wires, molding issues from poor ventilation, trash, insufficient insulation, you name it.

Chip Kelly and the Bird Gang, though? We don’t see this very often. Needless to say, it’s a primetime example of why inspecting your attic is important to the health and comfort of your home.

As attic energy savings experts, we called in some friends who could handle the pest control. Then, we proposed sealing improvements, including our NASA inspired multi-layer reflective insulation to help get this attic back into tip-top shape, while helping reduce heating and cooling costs, and improving overall comfort.

That’s what we call killing two birds with one stone.