5 Best Hard Hats for Construction Workers

Best Hard Hats for Construction Workers

As a construction worker, there are a few essentials that you need every day to remain safe and protective. Among these are safety harnesses to protect you from falling, gloves to protect your hands from injury, and, of course, a hard hat to protect your head from falling objects.

Check out this list of the best hard hats for construction to make sure that you stay safe and comfortable.

Best Hard Hats

Our picks for the best hard hats include:

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PYRAMEX Ridgeline Full-Brim Hard Hat

When you think of a hard hat, weightlessness is not the first thing that comes to mind. But with the PYRAMEX Ridgeline Full-Brim Hard Hat, it’s one of the key features that make it our top pick.

This hard hat is made from ABS (Acrylonitrile, Butadiene, Styrene) material, which is a lightweight thermoplastic resin. The properties of each material used give it rigidness, impact strength, and heat and chemical resistance. By using this mix instead of High-Density Polyethylene, this hard hat provides all of the necessary protection without the unnecessary weight. 

It also features an adjustable 4-point ratchet suspension as well as a rear padded suspension. For protection against sweaty heads, the sweatband is replaceable and the hat is vented.

One reviewer had this to say of the hard hat:

“Great quality. Packaging was excellent. Very lightweight compared to other models of hard hat that I’ve owned. The finish is clean and professional. Excellent communication from seller as well, making sure if I was satisfied with the product. Customer service A+.” – David, 5-star review on Amazon.


  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Ratchet suspension easy to adjust
  • Meets ANSI Z89.1-2009 standards, type 1, Class C, G, and E
  • Replaceable sweatband and well-vented hat


  • Snags on longer hair
  • Vent holes aren’t allowed at all companies

3M Lightweight Adjustable 4-Point Ratchet Hard Hat

Inexpensive but effective, the 3M Lightweight Adjustable 4-Point Ratchet Hard Hat is our choice for a budget hard hat.

The shell of this hat sits lower on the head, allowing for fewer pressure points while increasing the level of security of the hat.

The reverse donning of this hard hat allows for more upward visibility which is key when working long days.

It also meets the ANSI Z891 Class G and E for protection against electrical contact, making it safe to use if working with live wires.

Here is what one reviewer said about this hard hat:

“Worn many hard hats in my life. This one is very comfy and made by 3M so it’s made by a well-known company.” -SLC, 5-star review on Amazon.


  • Very inexpensive
  • Brim allows for increased upward visibility
  • The hat sits low on the head which lessens pressure points and increases security
  • Meets ANSI Z891 Class G and E for protection against electrical contact


  • Instructions on how to assemble the part of the hat are unclear
  • Hard hat does not fit well on all heads

LIFT Safety DAX 50 Carbon Fiber Full Brim

With options in bright, neon colors, the LIFT Safety DAX 50 Carbon Fiber Full Brim is a great option for contractors who are looking for something with increased visibility.

Aside from the neon yellow and orange options, this carbon fiber hard hat is made with a fiber-reinforced resin shell that is triple-reinforced at the crown to provide incredible impact protection.

It uses a 6-point suspension system that allows for extra comfort.

This hard hat also features a comfort dome made of synthetic leather with a molded EVA foam insert that makes it comfortable enough to wear all day while working on site.

Check out what one reviewer had to say about this hard hat:

“After speaking with some guys that had purchased these Lift hats I decided to give em a go, and thank goodness I did. The six-point system in the hat combined with the leather padding makes this easily the most comfortable hard hat I’ve ever owned. It is VERY lightweight. When I received the box I didn’t think there was anything in it because it was so light.” -Jacob Hass, 5-star review on Amazon.


  • Bright colors for safety
  • 6-point suspension system
  • Synthetic leather padding with comfy foam insert
  • Fiber-reinforced shell offers superior protection


  • Expensive
  • Clear coating is prone to chipping

MSA 475407 Skullgard Full-Brim Hard Hat

If you’re working with metal roofs that require welding during construction, you need a hard hat that’s going to hold up in the heat. The MSA 475407 Skullgard Full-Brim Hat is a great option to keep you safe from those high temperatures.

Along with the ability to keep you safe from the heat, construction worker love how incredibly comfortable this hard hat is. That comfort is due to the Fas-Trac III suspension that features three levels of nape strap adjustment to customize the fit of this helmet.

This hard hat is handmade with a phenolic shell for durability and toughness.

One reviewer said:

“I’ve owned numerous hard hats over the years, most company provided. This is by far, the most comfortable and presentable. Some full brim hats sit high on your head but this one equipped with the Fas-Trac Suspension fits just right. It’s a little pricey, but well worth the investment.” – “No One,” 5-star review on Amazon.


  • Protection against temperatures up to 350 degrees F
  • Adjustable Fast-Trac suspension for comfort
  • Hand-made phenolic shell for durability 
  • Meets ANSI/ISEA Z89.1-2014 Class G standards


  • Expensive
  • Some do not like the height that the suspension gives the hat

Klein Tools 60407 Hard Hat

If you ever work on a job site early in the morning or late at night, visibility is inevitable reduced by lack of light. To be able to see what you’re doing, you need a hard hat that has a headlamp attached, like the Klein Tools 60407 Hard Hat.

This hat not only has an attached light to allow you to work at night or in the morning, but it also has all of the added comfort features you could need.

It has a breathable, padded sweatband that also wicks sweat away. The air vents on the sides of this hat are adjustable, allowing you to open them up to increase breathability or close them when necessary. 

Here is one thing a reviewer loved about this hard hat:

“Along with the easy adjusting, it’s also fitted with some great padding so it doesn’t feel clunky like most!! It’s also ventilated!! Overall, glad I purchased.” – Amanda P., 5-star review on Amazon.


  • Removable attached headlamp for better visibility in the dark
  • Adjustable vents to keep your head cool or warm
  • Padded moisture-wicking sweatband
  • Easily adjustable to fit any head


  • Headlamp a bit difficult to operate
  • Padding can shift around in hat

What Is a Construction Hard Hat?

A construction hard hat is a helmet that is made from a hard material that is designed to protect your head from falling objects.

Are Hard Hats for Construction Worth It?

Hard hats are essential for every contractor, and this is especially true for those that work in heavy construction sites.

It’s worth it to invest in a comfortable and effective hard hat for one obvious reason: protection and safety.

First and foremost, a construction hard hat is essential for job safety. If you don’t wear a hard hat while working on a job site, you always risk something falling while you’re on the ground. This could cause serious brain injury and, in severe cases, even death.

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If you’re a construction worker, you have to have a quality hard hat. Try one on this list to make sure that your hard hat will be comfortable and protective.