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0on Facebook,Apr 14, 2021

Attics &

They were so great to work with. So knowledgeable and friendly. Worked with us to ensure everything they used would work for us (I have an extreme chemical sensitivity, and they made sure to use only products, both for sanitizing and re-insulating, that were ok for me). Cannot recommend them enough!!

5on Home Advisor,Apr 14, 2021


They were so great to work with. So knowledgeable and friendly. Worked with us to ensure everything they used would work for us (I have an extreme chemical sensitivity, and they made sure to use only products, both for sanitizing and re-insulating, that were ok for me). Cannot recommend them enough!!

5on Home Advisor,Apr 13, 2021


Great service, highly efficient. Took their time and did it right. I would highly recommend using their service.

5on Home Advisor,Mar 29, 2021


Kevin and team delivered superior service. Kevin went above and beyond by keeping everything neat and tidy. The job will pay for itself in energy savings. Thanks Attics & More!

5on Home Advisor,Mar 24, 2021


Prices was reasonable. The contractor finished the job in timely manner. The job was well done. Great customer service. Highly recommended.

5on Home Advisor,Mar 19, 2021


You guys did a great job! They were on time, made adjustments when they encountered some unexpected things, and left me a blanket of fresh insulation. I would have them come back and work on my house again.

5on Home Advisor,Mar 17, 2021


Outstanding service. Very friendly. Iâ ll call again when I have another project ready.

5on Home Advisor,Mar 07, 2021


I hired Attics and More to do insulation work in a small addition to my kitchen that had no insulation at all. The tiny half bath and the sunroom were heated by baseboard electric heat that cost a fortune and I was not able to use for that reason. I had heard of the blown-in insulation and while I didn't think it would do all that much in my freezing cold space I was willing to give it a try. Wow, I am pleasantly surprised! Even during the recent extra cold nights it has been comfortable in that bathroom, The sunroom area is much warmer and when I get the tile taken up it will be even warmer back there. I was impressed with the company not just for the technical expertise but for the customer service and humanity, if you will. I have a rescue dog who gets very upset when people come in the house to do work of any kind, but Prince immediately took to Kevin and then to the guys working with him. Prince was not stressed out which was so great for me. If you have pets, definitely consider this company. When the work was finished Kevin informed me that I would be charged less than the price we agreed on because he did not need to use as much material as he anticipated, Who does this? I thought this was really special. Further, there was a minor mistake on the billing and when I called it to the company's attention, one of the owners emailed me back an hour later to take care of it. That was at around 7 in the evening. To sum this up, Attics and More does great work by great people!

5on Home Advisor,Feb 26, 2021


Kevin came out to give me a free estimate and a week later he and David were here insulating the attic and basement crawl space. They arrived on time and work was completed in half a day. Kevin spent a long time with me discussing all options and was able to give me a natural/non toxic environment for my family. Professional, quality work, and fair pricing. We are now enjoying the warmth in our home and never had to leave. Because of his quality craftsmanship and guarantee, Kevin will return next week for more insulating projects!

5on Home Advisor,Feb 09, 2021


I had a squirrel problem in my attic and old insulation. I consulted initially with a few pest control companies who peeked their heads up into the attic without going up there. They advised me I had mice based on nesting effect in the insulation. In checking references, one had many complaints and the other was reputable but gave me a range of options to pick and choose from - each item building onto the cost and it was confusing. Both companies also tried to sell me pest maintenance program. I called another pest control company but they did not work in this area. Their receptionist suggested i check with an attic construction co. From my first call with Lisa to the inspection that occurred a few days later I was sold. Kevin spent time up in the attic and got many pictures showing large teeth marks on boards that were not from mice plus no mouse droppings. He was professional and provided a reference that I called and got a glowing report. The job had to delayed a few days due to the snow but I was kept apprised on the next date. The work was accomplished in one day as promised and photos were provided showing what was used to plug holes. Kevin explained everything they did step by step. When the job was finished, they left my floors cleaner than when they first arrived. I have used many contractors that did did not complete work, would not return calls, and would cancel last minute. It was so refreshing to work with the Attics and More team who definitely puts the customer first. I would highly recommend this company.

5on Home Advisor,Jan 29, 2021


My initial call was answered promptly and I was able to schedule a consult right away. Estimate was on point with others I had gotten. Communication won Attics and More the job- they were 100% clear and on time for every visit. Installation was completed as scheduled and our house is WAY warmer with less energy use!

4on Home Advisor,Dec 28, 2020


Their crew came in the first day and worked straight through about 10 hours. There was some remaining work and hurdles promptly addressed by the owner to our full satisfaction. Kevin, crew lead, came back to finish the job and made sure that we were fully satisfied with the results. Attics & More, Inc. came in with a very competitive price, beating others, and did top notch work when all was said and done. I would hire them again for other projects or recommend them to others that want quality work done at a fair price.

5on Home Advisor,Dec 24, 2020


Very professional very neat completed to job in a timely manner

5on Home Advisor,Dec 21, 2020


Lisa sold the job with her beautiful attitude And her quick Estimate

0on Facebook,Dec 04, 2020


Attics and more did an amazing job on our new home. They were professional, courteous and personable. What could have been a really bad deal for us wasn’t because of their work. Thanks guys!!!

5on Home Advisor,Nov 30, 2020


Kevin came in and completed the work with no issues.

5on Home Advisor,Nov 24, 2020


They did a great job Ed ,Kevin and Michele are good people to deal with they get the job done no matter what.

5on Home Advisor,Nov 24, 2020


It was worth the money.I have yet to turn on my heat. Everyone was courteous, respectful and professional.

5on Home Advisor,Sep 28, 2020


Quick response and follow up. Easy to work with.

5on Home Advisor,Sep 02, 2020


Great replies for and and all questions about the work. Went above and beyond for me

5on Google,Aug 06, 2020


Ed and his team have been awesome. They came out to assess our attic situation as we’ve dealt with some super high temperatures up there and we knew it was inefficient. They gave us an honest, quick assessment. Then were able to break up the work for us into manageable chunks that worked with our budget. Each time they’ve come out they’ve been professional, on time, and courteous. We will definitely continue to work with them!

5on Google,Jun 11, 2020


All I can say is what a great job attics and more did. They provided outstanding service and Ed and his team were awesome. Great price and doesn’t want to up sell you. Genuinely just wants to help you improve the comfort of your home. I immediately felt the difference on the first day after eshield was installed. Haven’t received a bill for my electric but I can easily tell there are savings on the way.

5on Google,Jun 09, 2020


After Attics & More installed a solar-powered attic fan, the temperature on the second floor of our home dropped dramatically. Also, the fan kept the house livable recently, when a downed tree knocked out our power for four days. Huge return from a modest investment.