RMR-86 Mold Remover Review

RMR-86 Mold Remover Review

While pests and inclement weather might produce significant threats to a home, few things compare to the quiet, yet very real damage caused by mold. Once mold begins to develop, it affixes itself to surfaces and quickly spreads to a multitude of locations, not to mention the well-documented negative impact mold has on our respiratory health.

Even when mold is removed, it leaves its mark behind in the form of stains, and those can be a pain to clear. Luckily, some mold removal products promise to perform exactly this type of removal. One of the better-known industry products for this purpose is RMR-86. But, does it actually stand up to the task? We will review how well RMR-86 stands up to its mold remover claims here.

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RMR-86 Mold Remover Overview

What Is RMR-86?

RMR-86 Mold Remover

To fully remove mold stains, a lot of scrubbing, wire-brushing, and sand-blasting is required. Since none of those are particularly enjoyable activities, restoration specialists began looking for a solution that was more simple and practical, yet still tough enough to get the job done fully.

This led to the development of the RMR-86 Mold Remover product, a bleached-based formula, which claims to kill mold on contact and lifts the stains right before the user’s eyes. If directions are correctly followed, the product is intended to work on 200 to 400 feet per gallon.

Safe Surfaces Of Application

The product is suitable for spraying to remove mold from most surfaces, though it is recommended to test a small area first, rather than cover everything without proving the efficacy. Assuming proper ventilation, RMR-86 works on both interior and exterior surfaces in your home including wood, vinyl, concrete, drywall, and tile. After applying RMR-86 to a small area, it is recommended that you wait 24 hours to confirm that the mold and any staying has been effectively removed. If successful, it can be applied to a wider area.

How Fast Does RMR-86 Work?

The product claims that it will remove the stain within 15 seconds. Testing has confirmed that to be a relatively accurate claim. The small area that we applied the product to, cleared up within about that relative time range.

How Does RMR-86 Work?

Sodium hypochlorite is proven to be effective at killing mold, so its basis in RMR-86 allows it to readily kill mold and remove any staining. However, it is important to remember that while it will kill and remove the mold it isn’t a mold inhibitor, so spraying an area will not make that area resistant to mold growth, an important fact to be aware of for users. It will, however, provide a great short-term, low-effort solution for lifting mold and stain removal from surfaces. This is especially helpful for surfaces where mold is common like boat decks and skylights.

RMR-86 Mold Remover Review

RMR-86 Mold Remover

Using RMR-86

The application of RMR-86 couldn’t be more simple. You simply use a spray bottle to cover a particular problem surface. There is no diluting or mixing prep-work involved. The product is, however, highly toxic, so before applying, it is important to prepare yourself, as well as the space you will be working with.

For your person, you will require protective gear and gloves. You should also seek another solution if you are planning on spraying in a poorly ventilated area because you will not be able to escape inhaling the toxic fumes.

Another concern is RMR-86’s storage. The bottle should be stored in a safe place, away from people and pets, and be tightly sealed in order to avoid leaks. It is recommended that it is checked on often, as it will eat through nearly any surface if left unattended with a leak for too long.

The Benefits Of RMR-86

Typical mold removal methods include sanding, icing, and wire-brushing. One thing all of those methods have in common is that they are labor-intensive and not the type of work anyone would willingly choose to perform. That is before mentioning that all of those methods rip and tear at the surface.

RMR-86 provides a simple and fast solution to the problem of mold on most surfaces. If you are getting ready to paint, spraying a surface to clear it of the mold with RMR-86 can leave you with a nice, clean surface to work with. After being applied and allowed to take effect, the spray can simply be wiped off, without the sprayed surface incurring any scratches, scrapes, or gouges.

Additionally, since mold-infested areas emit a highly unpleasant scent, a bleach-based product like RMR-86 helps treat not just the appearance of a surface, but also effectively neutralize its smell. That’s like treating two problems with one solution!

The Downsides of RMR-86

As noted earlier, RMR-86 is highly toxic. You cannot simply spray it on like most other household cleaners and walk away. You certainly want to avoid inhaling the fumes, so you need to wear a mask, protect your eyes with goggles, and wear gloves to avoid it settling on your skin.

As this is an industrial-strength product, its potency is high, but so is its ability to cause damage to surfaces if left on them for too long. In fact, RMR-86 left on a surface for any significant period of time will result in it eating through that surface.

To avoid the hassle of storing, monitoring, and maintaining it, we recommend buying a small bottle, using it up entirely when you perform your mold-cleaning job, and getting rid of it after. It will certainly prove to be a hassle if stored in your home for too long, so it’s best to use it up and get rid of the bottle quickly. It is not a typical household cleaner, so it’s best to take precautions.


  • Works on interior and exterior surfaces
  • Just spay application, no scrubbing involved
  • Acts and dries quickly
  • Effective at removing both stains and mold odors
  • Cost-effective (as much as a gallon costs under $50)
  • A great option for preparing a surface for paint


  • Will not keep mold from growing back in a problem area
  • Strong toxic fumes and corrosive nature require significant gearing up for the application
  • Noxious smell
  • Difficult to store and will eat through surfaces if it leaks on them

Who Should Use RMR-86

  • Anyone dealing with persistent mold spots can use the product to remove them and clear the area that is frequently subjected to moisture.
  • Anyone who is seeking a simpler solution than hours of scrubbing
  • Painters looking to remove mold from a surface before painting it

Who Should Not Use RMR-86

  • Anyone who underestimates the product’s toxic risks
  • Those who do not have a proper way to store the product after use
  • Those trying to keep particular areas cleared of mold after the removal of mold stains


RMR-86 is an effective product if you are willing to follow the precise guidelines of its application and understand the toxic risks. It is important to approach this product’s use with caution including being geared up during its application, not inhaling the fumes, and, if not done with the entire bottle after one use, monitoring it in storage to keep it from harming any surfaces or anyone who may be in its storage’s vicinity.