5 Best Roofing Companies in Henderson, NV

5 Best Roofing Companies & Contractors in Henderson, NV

Hiring a reliable roofing contractor doesn’t have to be an arduous process. Over the years, we’ve honed in on the most important factors a roofing company can possess to deliver high-quality, professional, and reliable services. We’ve applied this knowledge about the roofing industry in Henderson, Nevada. In this article, we’ll share our expert advice on how to choose the best roofing company for your Henderson home. We’ll also provide a shortlist of the best contractors to streamline your vetting process.

Top Henderson, NV Roofing Companies

Based on our experience, research, and public reviews, here are the top Henderson roofing contractors:


Roofing Companies in Henderson , NV - A Step Above Inc

Contact Information:

About A Step Above Inc:

A Step Above is a family-owned and locally-operated business that serves both residential and commercial clients in Henderson and the surrounding areas. Its team of contractors provides roofing installation, maintenance, and inspection services for different types of roofing, including asphalt shingle, tile, and flat roofing. They also offer roof repair solutions for issues such as leaks, staining, and clogged drains or valleys.

Their staffs have more than two decades of industry experience.

  • 4.7-star rating on Google [13 reviews]
  • 5-star rating on Angie’s List [13 reviews]
  • 9+ Years in Business
  • A+ Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating
  • Expertise Best Roofers in Henderson 2022

Roofing Companies in Henderson , NV - Alcal Specialty Contracting

Contact Information:

About Alcal Specialty Contracting:

Alcal Specialty Contracting is a subcontracting and roofing company offering a wide range of services to clients in the Las Vegas, Henderson, and Sparks areas. The services offered by the company include new roof construction, roof inspections, general roof repair, and roof restoration. They use a wide variety of applications, including single-ply roof systems, green roof systems, asphalt shingles, pedestal paver systems, and metal roof systems.

Additionally, their roofing professionals have LEED and green building experience.

  • 5-star rating on Google [5 reviews]
  • 32+ Years in Business
  • A+ Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating
  • GAF Master Elite Certified Roofer
  • Chamber of Commerce Membership

Roofing Companies in Henderson , NV - Discount Roofing Of Nevada

Contact Information:

About Discount Roofing Of Nevada:

Discount Roofing of Nevada has been catering to property owners in Henderson and the surrounding communities for over 25 years. Its roofing services include new roof installation, multi-residential roofing, shingle and tile roof replacement, preventative maintenance, and certification and inspection. They perform a wide range of roof repair works, from simple repairs to storm and wind damage repairs, covering shingles, tile, and flat roofs. They also provide pigeon clean-up and control.

Discount Roofing of Nevada offers property management services too.

  • 4.8-star rating on Google [22 reviews]
  • 6+ Years in Business
  • A+ Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating
  • Owens Corning Preferred Contractor
  • Chamber of Commerce Membership


Roofing Companies in Henderson , NV - First Quality Roofing

Contact Information:

About First Quality Roofing:

First Quality Roofing is a company that caters to commercial and residential property owners in the Henderson metro and the surrounding areas. It offers a wide range of roofing services, including attic insulation, inspection, installation, maintenance, and replacement. It also handles repair and works on problems such as cracking or buckling materials, missing tiles or shingles, and water damage. They use products from Carlisle SynTec Systems, CertainTeed, and TAMKO.

First Quality Roofing is a member of the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce.

  • 4.4-star rating on Google [75 reviews]
  • 4.8-star rating on Angie’s List [182 reviews]
  • 20+ Years in Business
  • A+ Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating
  • HomeAdvisor Screened & Approved

Roofing Companies in Henderson , NV - Dabella

Contact Information:

About Dabella:

Founded in 2011, DaBella is one of the top roofing contractors in the Henderson area. It exclusively provides residential replacement services, taking care of various roofing systems, including concrete tiles and asphalt shingles roofing. Its roofing installers are factory-trained and can take care of extensive damages stemming from a natural disaster or material wear and tear.

The company utilizes American-made materials from brands like GAF, Hardie, and Preservation. Other replacement services offered focus on bathtubs and showers, gutters, siding, and windows.

  • 4.6-star rating on Google [205 reviews]
  • 10+ Years in Business
  • A+ Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating
  • GAF Master Elite Certified Roofer
  • 34 locations across many states

Henderson, NV Roofing Overview

With a population of approximately 309,955 in Henderson, NV, and the average roof lasting approximately 20 years, you pretty much can’t drive down the street without seeing someone putting up a new roof. Along with projects like HVAC and window replacement, roofing is one of the best long-term investments for homeowners in Henderson.

How Much Does It Cost to Replace a Roof in Henderson?

How Much Does It Cost to Replace a Roof in Henderson, NV?

Roof replacement costs in Henderson, meaning removing your current roofing material and replacing it, are about $5,800 to $10,000.

Removing the roof is a process in and of itself, costing about $1 to $5 per square foot removal or about $1000 to $1,500 total. Contractors can also charge by the hour for this process at around $40 to $80 per hour. Furthermore, if your roof has rotting timbers or other waste, it can add a few thousand dollars to the removal cost.

It’s important to know that removal is a big part of the entire replacement process, as taking shingles off of a rooftop is a difficult task for anyone – professional or otherwise. Therefore, a contractor’s rate can fluctuate based on the material being removed, your location, and the complexity of the overall work.

How to Choose a Henderson, NV Roofing Contractor

How to Choose a Roofing Contractor or Company

There are many roofing companies in Henderson and it can be overwhelming when trying to choose one. As a general rule of thumb, we recommend getting at least 3 estimates prior to making a decision.

With roof replacement being a longtime investment, getting the right crew is extremely important. Here are some things to keep in mind when choosing your provider.

Lifetime Warranty

A lifetime warranty guarantees that the product you received from a business won’t fail, and if it does, the service provider will replace and repair their initial work. A lifetime warranty from a roofing company shows confidence in their work, and the warranty can also be transferred to subsequent owners of your home should you choose to sell it.

Full Transparency

Try to find a business that will discuss every detail of the roofing procedure without sugarcoating anything. This not only shows their dedication but also their trustworthiness as service providers.

It’s a good sign if a contractor communicates effectively, or if they are willing to clarify terms that you don’t know. Follow-up and professionalism are something to pay attention to during the vetting process.

Reviews and Ratings

Go online and check a provider’s Better Business Bureau rating. These ratings show how well the business interacts with its customers. BBB often tracks how long a business has been operational, their transparency with customers, and even their history of complaints and how they were dealt with.

BBB has a comprehensive rating system designed to inform users with a full understanding of how well a roofing provider serves its customers. Beyond the BBB, check out your potential roofing company’s website, Facebook page, Google reviews, and any other third-party ratings. The more reviews and higher the ratings, the more you can rest assured that you will get a quality job.

Bonus Tips

Don’t forget about what’s under your roof

When taking on a roof replacement project, it’s easy to become consumed with the necessary details to get it done, including choosing the right materials, finding a great contractor, and staying within budget.

You can very easily lose sight of other home improvements that need to get done. With that being said, it’s often easier (and more cost-effective) to work on similar home projects at the same time. One thing that many homeowners should think about as they plan a roof replacement is whether they need to upgrade attic insulation.

If you’re already taking on a roof replacement, it’s the perfect time to schedule a free attic inspection to see if you need to upgrade your insulation. Killing two birds with one stone doesn’t just save you the hassle of taking on two separate renovations. You also gain energy efficiency benefits that will save you money year-round in the Pennsylvania climate.

Remember, putting a brand new roof on your home without taking care of the stuff directly under it is like putting lipstick on a pig.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do roof, scissor, and attic trusses cost?

If you’re planning to build a new home or add an addition to your existing home, you’ll need to decide what type of trusses to use for the roof before you can determine the cost. Henderson, Nevada is located in a high desert climate, so it’s important to choose trusses that can withstand the extreme temperatures and weather conditions. Roof, scissor, and vaulted trusses are the most common types of trusses used in Henderson.

Roof trusses are the most popular type of truss used in Henderson. They are strong and durable and can withstand high winds and heavy snow loads. Scissor trusses are also a popular choice in Henderson. They are less expensive than regular roof trusses and are easier to install. Vaulted trusses are the strongest type of truss, and are often used in commercial construction.

If you’re not sure which type of truss is right for your project, contact a local roofing contractor or truss manufacturer. They will be able to help you select the best type of truss for your needs.

What is the most common roof type in Henderson?

The most common roof type in Henderson, Nevada is a tile roof. This is because tile roofs are durable and can withstand extreme weather conditions. They are also low maintenance and easy to clean.

How long do roofs last in Henderson?

The average roof lasts around 20 years in Henderson, Nevada. However, this number will differ depending on the type of roof and the level of maintenance it receives. For example, a metal roof may last up to 50 years, while a shingle roof may only last 15-20 years. Ultimately, it is important to have your roof regularly inspected and maintained to extend its lifespan.

Our System for Rating and Reviewing the Best Roofing Companies

We evaluate each company we feature using our proprietary review matrix, which includes 60 elements we identified as the most important to consumers when they’re choosing a roofing contractor. These factors include the following items: 

  • Available business hours
  • Business history
  • Consumer reputation and feedback
  • Discounts and promotions offered
  • Industry acknowledgments
  • Services provided
  • Social media presence
  • Warranties and insurance
  • Website quality

Each category is broken down into specific elements, which further hone in on the strengths and weaknesses of each provider. We use this review matrix to identify each company’s best features and where they should rank on our pages. Because shopping for home service providers can be tedious and time-consuming, we aim to streamline your decision-making process by helping you find local, licensed, and trustworthy roofing contractors near you.  

We constantly add new providers to our reviews and update our articles to reflect the best providers. Ultimately, we aim to provide you with the most up-to-date and trustworthy reviews you can count on. We will continue to iterate on our review system as we identify more customer pain points and other factors that may influence your choice of roofing contractors.

Explore More Nevada Roofing Companies

We are constantly evaluating new areas and the best roofing companies to help us market our products and services. We also pride ourselves on being able to share our findings with the public to make the process of finding and hiring a roofer a little easier.

Many of the companies that we list have successfully grown to service multiple locations across the State. Browse more of the best Nevada roofing companies to see how the results vary from city to city:

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