5 Best CRM Software for Roofing Companies and Contractors

Best CRM Software for Roofing Companies

Whether you’re a one-person roofing business with an ever-growing list of clients or a large, prolific roofing company with dozens of project managers on payroll, every roofing business needs a way to keep everything organized.

To make things easier, many roofers and roofing companies turn to a CRM (customer relationship management) system to keep track of regular business operations.

Check out this list of the best roofing CRM software available for companies and take a look at a few tips on how to choose the right CRM for your business.

Best Roofing CRM Software


Best Roofing CRM Software - Jobber

When you own a roofing company, accuracy of location is important. With that in mind, Jobber focuses its software on offering a GPS that can track crew locations.

The GPS feature in combination with the ability that it gives employees to clock in and out and track their time allows you to keep up with your team, review their hours, and know how much your company is getting done.

It also features a scheduling and routing option so that you can schedule your roofers at multiple locations throughout the day in a way that is more efficient and intuitive.

In addition, Jobber also offers comprehensive invoicing features for its users. With the invoicing feature, users can create and send professional-looking invoices to their customers, track payments, and manage their accounts receivable all in one place.

As for pricing, their “core” plan starts at an affordable $35 per month for one user. 

Their “connect” plan is only $105 per month and includes all CRM operations for up to seven users. 

Their most inclusive plan is the “grow” plan which offers access to the CRM software for up to 30 people, with the option to add additional users for $19 per month.

Jobber offers 40% off its rates when you buy an annual subscription. 


Best Roofing CRM Software - MarketSharp

A great option for smaller to mid-size businesses is MarketSharp.

With over 30 years in the home improvement industry, they truly understand what their customers need out of a CRM. This experience allows for their dedication to serving home improvement businesses specifically

This CRM company offers three different packages, each with its own special features and price point.

The $99 per month standard package includes a standard CRM, targeted marketing, and basic payments. 

At the $199 per month pro package, you get an advanced point-of-sale and production system in addition to the marketing and CRM features. 

For the $299 per month ultimate package, you get access to an advanced CRM, fully automated marketing, and advanced point-of-sale and production.


Best Roofing CRM Software - AccuLynx

AccuLynx rightfully boasts the title of the “first and only all-in-one roofing contractor software,” and it remains the go-to specialized CRM for roofers.

Since it is so focused on providing a CRM system exclusively for roofing contractors and companies, it has perfected a way to streamline all of your roofing operations.

The interface of this CRM is easy to use and designed to be simple, eliminating the frustrating learning curve that comes with a lot of other software out there.

Though information on the cost of AccuLynx’s different monthly plans isn’t readily available on their website, pricing does start at the low price of $69 per month and is fully customizable.

improveit 360

Best Roofing CRM Software - improveit 360

If your roofing company has very specific needs to keep everything up and running, check out improveit 360.

They offer the unique feature of a dedicated resource that offers not only support but strategy.

This company also proudly offers the most cutting-edge technology available. This includes integrations with other software to keep everything in one place, enterprise scalability, and plenty of customization options. They also constantly update their software to improve functionality.

Pricing is per feature and starts at $150 a month, making it a bit pricier than other options. But if customization is important to your roofing company, this is a great choice.


Best Roofing CRM Software - JobNimbus

JobNimbus is a Utah-based CRM software company founded in 2013 with the help of leading industry trainers to give contractors a better tool for project management.

One of the great things about JobNimbus is that they’ve combined project management and CRM into one application. With JobNimbus, roofing companies can take a customer from initial lead all the way through production to final billing.

Another great feature of JobNimbus is that it’s fully customizable. With advanced tools and features, you’ll be able to find all sorts of ways to use JobNimbus.

This roofing CRM is loaded. It includes functionality that allows companies and contractors to manage contacts, track leads and proposals, estimate jobs, upload and share documents, schedule tasks, and even invoice.

But possibly the most impressive thing about JobNimbus is they stand by it with a guarantee. If you don’t see your productivity, profitability, and free time increase within the first 30 days of activating your account, you can cancel with no questions asked.

What Is a Roofing CRM?

A CRM (customer relationship management) system is a specialized software system that is used to keep track of a business’s regular daily functions.

For roofing CRMs specifically, this includes things like scheduling, work orders, project planning, lead and sales tracking, and, of course, managing your customer relationships.

It also is a great way to compile analytics and take a more comprehensive and holistic look at how your roofing business is doing.

Benefits to Using a Roofing CRM System

There are many benefits to using a CRM system for your roofing company.

To name a few:

  • Organize and serure information
  • Convenience
  • Better teamwork and communication 
  • Speed up sales processes
  • Track analytics over time to see your company’s strengths and weaknesses

In general, CRM systems just make everything streamlined. They help with everything from daily operations to company communications to tracking the numbers over your years in business.

How to Find the Best CRM for Your Roofing Company

So how do you find the CRM system that’s best for your own roofing company?

You need to take a few things into account.

Here are three things that you need to consider when picking out your roofing company’s CRM system.

Identify What Your Company Needs

The first thing you need to do is figure out what you actually need your roofing CRM to do.

Learn your company’s weaknesses or areas for improvement. Once you know that, you can find the CRM that will make up for your blind spots.

Is there a communication breakdown? Find a CRM with an emphasis on collaboration elements. Do you need a better way to navigate more accurately? Use a CRM with a GPS. Maybe you haven’t been able to track customer satisfaction and loyalty efficiently. There’s a CRM for that.

Whether you need somewhere to keep and track your company data over time or an all-inclusive system that has communication and GPS features, there’s a CRM out there that’s perfect for your roofing business.

Determine Your Budget

Though well worth the investment, your CRM system has to be within budget.

There are many CRMs out there that offer plenty of premium features at a premium price. But your roofing business may be smaller and just unable to work that into the budget.

Luckily, there are plenty of CRMs for roofing companies that are surprisingly affordable. Just be sure to take the time to compare prices and find that sweet spot of a CRM that offers what you need at a price that you can pay.

Look At Reviews

One of the best resources you can find to decipher which roofing CRMs are of good quality is other people’s reviews of them.

There are plenty of sites that compile reviews specifically for roofing CRMs, which allows you to see what other folks think of the software.

Take into account what reviewers claim are the high points and pitfalls of each CRM. Though no system is perfect, you have to find one that has strengths where you need them.

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A CRM can streamline every process for your roofing company. Know what to look for and you can find the roofing CRM system that will make your life easier.