Spring Home Improvement Projects

Spring Home Improvement Projects

As we enter March and April, we can finally start to put the frigid winter behind us. For many homeowners, this is the time of the year when home improvement projects take center stage.

The warmer temperatures make it much more comfortable for homeowners to climb up a ladder and stay outside for longer periods of time. The pleasant weather also gives homeowners a new lease on life, uplifting their mood and giving them more motivation.

This article will discuss spring home improvement projects ranging from simple tricks to more involved projects.

Why Take on Home Improvement Projects in the Spring?

But why is spring a good time to take on home projects?

Many homeowners feel the need to make adjustments to their homes after the harsh winter months. Snow and freezing temperatures can do a number on your roof, decks, porches, and windows.

Springtime is a great time to make those fixes since there is a much lower risk of snow or cold weather past March or April.

Starting home improvement projects in the spring will likely be done by the summer. This is perfect if you want family and friends over during the warmer months.

Spring home improvements aren’t just about the exterior of your home either. There are plenty of easier home improvement projects that you can do inside your home that are less labor-intensive but equally important.

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Easy Spring Home Improvement Projects

Easy Spring Home Improvement Projects

1. Donate or Recycle

With the winter gone, it’s time to decide what you want to keep in your home and what you can live without.

Unwanted electronics, clothes, furniture, and hardware can all be donated to charities or recycled. Not only will this make your home feel lighter and make space, but you’ll also contribute to a positive cause by donating to charity or practicing sustainability by recycling.

2. Deep Clean

After you’ve gotten some unwanted junk out of your home, you might look to do a little spring cleaning. Wiping down windows, walls, and floors, polishing wood furniture, cleaning out bathrooms – whatever it might be, spring is a great time to get on it.

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3. Inspect Cushion Covers

If you’ve been stuck inside the whole winter, your couch cushions probably saw some wear and tear. Look over each one to make sure they’re in good condition. You might have to replace them or give them a good wash.

4. Wipe Down Outdoor Furniture

You probably kept a cover over your outdoor furniture or kept them in the garage. Before setting them out for some relaxing spring outdoor parties, wipe them down to get any gunk or dust off these chairs and tables.

5. Switch Ceiling Fan Directions

Most ceiling fans allow you to change the direction of the blades. In the spring and summer months, the blades should turn counterclockwise to move more air down, which causes a breezy effect.

DIY Spring Home Improvement Ideas

DIY Spring Home Improvement Projects

6. Interior Painting

If stuck inside all winter, you might be sick of seeing the same-colored walls all day. What better time than now to get a new coat of paint in your bedroom or living room? Remember when you’re looking for a new color that most paint dries darker or brighter than the swatches. Test the paint on a piece of cardboard before applying it and invest in a high-quality primer to ensure the best product.

Bonus: Consider adding a reflective coating to your walls to help improve your home’s energy efficiency.

7. Exterior Painting

Harsh winds, snow, sleet, or other elements might affect your home exterior. Maybe your house is due for a new paint job regardless. Either way, the warm spring weather means you can finally start repairing the outside of your home. Even a little paint touch-up on your siding and trim can make a difference.

8. Caulk the Windows

There’s a good chance you did this during the winter to keep heat inside your home. If not, the summer heat will do a number on your AC units. To be a little more energy-efficient, consider caulking your windows to seal them up so cool air has a lower chance of escaping your home.

Check out our review on the best caulk products for air sealing.

9. Lawn Cleanup

As the snow melts away and the sun comes out, your lawn will be visible to you and your neighbors. Lawn maintenance is a challenging task, as it requires fertilization, trimming, and mowing. Cleaning up your lawn after the winter will set your front yard up for greener pastures in the spring and summer.

10. Check the Roof

Snow and frigid temperatures can cause some serious problems for your roof without you even knowing it. Poor insulation mixed with icy roofs can cause ice dams. Before you know it, your roof is damaged and causing many issues. The spring is an excellent time to get a ladder up there to assess any damages safely.

Big Spring Home Improvement Projects [ROI Areas]

Big Spring Home Improvement Projects

11. Fix the Roof

A snow-covered roof might’ve looked nice during the winter, but it might’ve seriously damaged your roof’s durability. Ice dams can also hamper your roof’s drainage and might leak some water into your attic. Your shingles might also be experiencing some wear and tear or rotting.

All of this should’ve been clear after you checked your roof or gotten it checked by a contractor.

If you need further roof maintenance, springtime is a perfect time to do it. The weather should hold up, making it safe and comfortable for you or your contractors. If you don’t care for your roof issues, it could make your home hotter and less energy efficient during the summer.

12. Replace Siding

Like snow and wind damage your roof, wintery elements can also harm your home’s siding. If your siding is older, winter moisture could have penetrated the exterior and started to cause some rot.

Once all the snow has melted, you must check all your exterior walls for any repairs. Summer storms might further compromise your siding if you don’t address damages in the spring.

13. New Windows

While the caulk above can improve your home energy efficiency, sometimes your windows are too far gone to make a difference. If you experience drafty rooms and heat loss during the winter, it might be time to install new windows.

You can conduct a smoke test or light incense next to your window to see how much air leaks. Investing in energy-efficient windows is the best way to keep cool air inside your home during the spring and summer.

14. Upgrade Your Deck

While you’ve been holed in your home during the winter, snow and other elements have damaged your deck for months. When you come back outside in the spring, it’s important to check for splinters, warped wood, and signs of rot.

If your wood is softer, darker in color, or has clear signs of mold, it’s probably time for an upgrade. Power-washing, replacing the wood, and repainting portions are ways to upgrade your deck.

Taking care of those things now will set you up for an aesthetically pleasing and relaxing deck for your summer hangouts.

15. Inspect Your Attic

Just as insulating your attic was a crucial winter energy-savings tactic, attic inspections let you address any underlying issues caused by winter storms and icy roofs. As we mentioned earlier, ice dams in your roof can cause roof leakage. This hurts the integrity of your attic insulation.

Schedule a free attic inspection and learn how to save energy and improve comfort in your home.

The only way to know if this is an issue is by inspecting your attic with a contractor. They can identify any underlying attic issues and the best course of action. Having a healthy and energy-efficient attic is crucial when the weather gets warmer in the spring and summer months.

Leverage Spring Home Improvements Today

With the dreary and cold winter behind you, taking on some home improvement projects is a perfect way to set you and your family up for a relaxing and comfortable spring. Use this article to find the perfect project for this upcoming spring.