U.S. Sunlight Solar Attic Fan Review

U.S. Sunlight Solar Attic Fan Review

Do you find your attic unbearably warm and wish for an energy-savvy method to maintain a pleasant home ambiance?

The U.S. Sunlight Solar Attic Fan could be the ideal answer for you. In this thorough review, we’ll examine the product’s notable features, weigh its advantages and disadvantages, share customer experiences, and draw comparisons with other alternatives on the market. This information will equip you to decide if it’s the suitable addition to your home.

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Product Overview

  • Brand: U.S. Sunlight
  • Model: 1010TR
  • Key Features: Solar-powered, roof mount design, commercial-grade construction, year-round operation, built-in moisture removal functionality
  • Price: N/A


Key Features and Benefits

  1. Solar-Powered: The Sunfan Professional Series – Roof Mount Attic Fan leverages sunlight to power the fan, reducing energy costs and promoting eco-friendliness.
  2. Commercial-Grade, Heavy-Duty Construction: Offers up to 25% more power than other fans, ensuring better circulation and improved airflow in your attic space.
  3. Year-Round Operation: Continuously runs throughout the year, keeping your attic cooler in summer and removing harmful moisture in winter to reduce condensation and prevent mold and mildew growth.
  4. High Capacity: Designed to ventilate up to 1350 square feet, lowering the attic temperature so your air conditioning system doesn’t need to work as hard.
  5. Durable and Weather-Resistant Construction: Manufactured by U.S. Sunlight Corp, this model offers durable, weather-resistant construction, designed to last.

Pros and Cons


  • Energy-efficient and environmentally friendly
  • More power for superior circulation and improved airflow
  • Year-round operation to regulate temperature and moisture levels
  • High capacity suitable for large attics
  • 20-year manufacturer’s warranty


  • May require professional installation
  • Higher initial investment compared to traditional attic fans

Real-Life Performance and Customer Feedback

In considering customer reviews, the U.S. Sunlight Corp Solar Powered Attic Fan 1010TR elicits mixed responses. Many customers note that the fan works excellently in reducing their attic temperatures, especially during peak summer periods. One customer with a century-old brick bungalow remarked on how the attic fan considerably lowered the heat in their finished attic, which had previously been unbearable. Another customer reported that the fan managed to reduce their attic temperature by an impressive 30 degrees overnight and sustained its performance even 13 years after installation.

On the other hand, some customers express dissatisfaction with the fan’s performance. The most common complaints highlight the fan’s inability to maintain consistent operation, particularly during cloudy days or periods when the sun is out of range. The exclusion of the power adapter from the initial package seems to be a significant point of frustration, with customers feeling that they have been short-changed or forced to incur additional expenses to get the fan running optimally. One customer compared prices and found that the unit plus the power adapter were cheaper at Costco than purchasing separately on Amazon.

In addition, a considerable number of users were dissatisfied with the fan’s performance compared to electric fans. A user who replaced two small electric fans with two 1010TR fans noted that while they expected some drop in performance, they were disappointed by how much less efficient the solar attic fans were. Despite the documentation suggesting that the solar fans should be sufficient, the user noted that their attic temperature was significantly higher when using the solar fans compared to the non-solar electric ones.

Furthermore, some users encountered issues with the solar controllers. Customers reported frequent faults and error messages, requiring regular attic visits for reboots. However, when these customers received updated controllers from the company, the errors were largely resolved.

Lastly, some users had concerns over the fan’s power. There were claims that the fan could not cover the area it advertised, leading to underperformance and ineffective temperature control. A user from Costco commented that the temperature difference between the outdoor and attic, even at solar noon when solar efficiency is highest, was about 30°F, far from their expectation of a 10°F difference. They urged the company to address these inaccurate claims.

Overall, it seems the U.S. Sunlight Corp Solar Powered Attic Fan 1010TR is appreciated for its potential to lower attic temperatures and reduce energy costs, but there are definite areas of concern around its performance, controller stability, and the lack of a power adapter in the initial package.


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the power specifications of the U.S. Sunlight Solar Attic Fan?

The U.S. Sunlight Solar Attic Fan is a 10-watt device.

Does the U.S. Sunlight Solar Attic Fan come with a warranty? If so, what does it cover and for how long?

The U.S. Sunlight Solar Attic Fan comes with a 20-year manufacturer’s warranty. This typically covers defects in materials and workmanship but may not cover issues arising from improper installation or environmental factors.

How much attic space can the U.S. Sunlight Solar Attic Fan ventilate effectively?

The U.S. Sunlight Solar Attic Fan can ventilate up to 1350 square feet of attic space.

What is the size and weight of the U.S. Sunlight Solar Attic Fan?

The U.S. Sunlight Solar Attic Fan measures 24 x 12 x 24 inches and weighs 24 pounds.

How does the U.S. Sunlight Solar Attic Fan perform in low light conditions or at night?

The fan is primarily powered by solar energy, so its performance may decrease in low light conditions and it may not function at night unless there’s an alternate power source or a solar battery backup system.

What’s the best way to install the U.S. Sunlight Solar Attic Fan? Should I hire a professional roofer, or can I install it myself?

While it’s possible to install the fan yourself if you’re comfortable with roof work and have the necessary tools, it’s generally recommended to hire a professional roofer to ensure a proper and secure installation.

Are there any additional accessories needed or recommended for the U.S. Sunlight Solar Attic Fan?

Some customers have mentioned the value of a power adapter to enable the fan to run off of house power when the solar energy is insufficient. This accessory may need to be purchased separately.

What are the most common issues with the U.S. Sunlight Solar Attic Fan according to customer reviews? How can these be addressed?

Some common issues mentioned in customer reviews include motor failure and less effective cooling than expected. For motor issues, customers have reported the company offering replacement motors. For cooling issues, it’s important to make sure the fan is installed properly and in a location that gets ample sunlight.

What kind of customer support does U.S. Sunlight Corp provide if I have issues or questions about the Solar Attic Fan?

According to customer reviews, U.S. Sunlight Corp’s customer service has been both praised and criticized. Some customers have reported excellent service and quick responses, while others have mentioned difficulties in reaching the company or getting a response. It’s always a good idea to reach out to customer service directly for the most accurate information.

Conclusion and Final Verdict

Based on our experience, while the U.S. Sunlight Corp Solar Powered Attic Fan 1010TR shows potential in reducing attic temperatures and energy costs, its performance seems inconsistent according to several customer reviews.

Given the concerns about controller stability, insufficient power, and lack of included power adapter, it might be wise to explore other options in the market. Among them, the Remington Solar Attic Fan emerges as a strong contender with a reputation for consistent performance and high customer satisfaction.

Remington’s models include a built-in thermostat and humidistat, superior motor quality, and better solar panel efficiency, offering a more seamless and reliable experience for homeowners. This robust package presents a convincing case for considering Remington over U.S. Sunlight Corp.